Project Description


    • Unstacking and automatic feeding of empty bins.
    • Soft fill at selectable levels.
    • Optional bin weighing.
    • Automatic stacking.
    • Optional automatic collection of each and deposit at a single collection point.
    • Each module is equipped with its own control panel with PLC and touch screen, making them independent modules that communicate with each other. Greater versatility and less dependence.
    • High productions.
    • Reliability
    • OPTIONAL: Each filler module can be equipped with a weighing system, which can be connected to the traceability system, weighing bin by bin while the filling is done.

Automatic filling system for different types of bins that have input on all four sides. In case of being blind bins on two of its sides, we have several solutions, in order to adapt to these types of bins.

The system is prepared to be able to fill bins of different heights, and we can individually select the level of filling, depending on the condition of the fruit.

Once the bins are filled, they will go to the stacker where we will select the level of stacking depending on the height of the bins.

Each filler of the system is equipped with a touch screen for handling it, and another series of details that make this machine one of the most reliable, productive and most delicate treatment on the market.
The filler is equipped with a converter to regulate the flow of fruit during the change of the bin, achieving a lung necessary for said operation. Optionally, it can be equipped with a return table for this manoeuvre, depending on the volume of fruit to be passed.


Project Details