Project Description


This tipper is designed for high productions. Its construction makes it reliable and simple, as well as effective.

  • Its height is adaptable to any type of bin.
  • Extremely delicate treatment of the fruits.
  • High productions.
  • Reliability

Unstacking and stacking system adaptable to all bins that have input from all four sides. In case of being blind bins on two of its sides, we have several solutions, in order to adapt to these types of bins.

The tipper automatically adapts to the height of the bin, without the need to communicate it, neither for emptying nor for turning.

The full bin rotation is performed smoothly until it reaches approximately 175º, to gently evacuate the product.

Once this manoeuvre is performed, the fruit is evacuated from a horizontal conveyor belt, while the empty bin is evacuated to a roller conveyor that will move it to the side, where it will later be turned to leave it for stacked position. After this manoeuvre, we stack the empty boxes, and then evacuate them.

The touch screen for handling it, its safety measures, and the variable speed equipment for evacuation control, make this machine one of the most reliable, productive and most delicate treatments on the market.

The tipper is equipped with converters to regulate its flow and production. In this way, we achieve a constant flow of food, without agglomerations and without gaps between one bin and the next.

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