Project Description

WAX APPLICATOR   descargar-pdf

The applicator is a piece composed of two very different parts: the first one is the applicator head, which is usually supplied by the wax supplier depending on the application system used. The second part, no less important, is the brushing machine, which Matyc supplies its customers with a full warranty.

Bearings with cast iron supports, which provide greater longevity to bearings and pinions. (Stainless Steel Optional)

Motorised fruit extractor.

Highly inclined trays to facilitate cleaning work.

Double bearing reinforcement at the points of greatest tension.

Optional telescopic system through its own patent system, to adapt it to measurements from 1,500mm to 2,000mm, in case of line relocation.

Cleaning system using pneumatic actuators.

Optional electrical panel for automatic cleaning.

Consumption will depend on the dimensions of the machines, as there are models with widths depending on the passage of fruit, 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1750mm or 2000mm, as well as various lengths according to the customer’s needs.




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