Project Description


Matyc, with its philosophy of constant improvement, offers its customers a drying and pre-drying tunnel that achieves very satisfactory levels, and concerns itself, in addition, to not excessively raise the temperature of the product to be dried, obtaining low gas or diesel oil consumption in comparison with other drying tunnels.

Some of the characteristics of the drying tunnel are as follows:

  • Digital thermostat for control and viewing of the working temperature.
  • Dry cleaning system for the rollers in drying tunnels.
  • Evacuation of excess humidity from the tunnel, by means of a box and forced ventilation.
  • Double flame burner, for occasional needs that normally work in a single flame.
  • Frequency converter for speed regulation.
  • Internal fans.
  • Roller rotation in pre-drying tunnels.
  • Removable trays to facilitate cleaning work.
  • Interior insulating fibre coating.


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Project Details