Project Description


Because there are works that should not be done manually and repeatedly over the course of the day with the production pressure, and bearing in mind that every day there are more machines and options that facilities have, MATYC develops bespoke software to control the facility.

From this software, we automatically control the start-stops of the whole facility or by sectors and staggered, actuating them logically controlled by a PLC. The software itself allows us to change the direction of certain machines, to vary the speed of each element, to control the temperature of the tunnels, locate thermal differences, manually operate machines and parts thereof for maintenance, etc … Equally there is the possibility of controlling the unit’s lighting and other options.

This system avoids large boards with countless pushbuttons and selectors, and can expand or modify when necessary, always remaining as it was on the first day. These modifications or extensions, like any type of revision of the software itself, can be done remotely, directly through the internet.

The control through our scada simplifies the work and guarantees proper start and stop of the facility.

Project Details